Overlanding with a Toyota Tacoma

Feb 21st 2018

Let’s face facts. More people are looking at converting their daily driver to an overlander. People have hundreds of reasons for outfitting their vehicles. Here at STRAC we’ve seen customers come in with everything from souped up mini-motorhomes to lifted sedans, and the reasons are as varied as the people who drive them.For some, the security of a bug-out vehicle that will get them out of the city before shit hits the fan is all they need. Others prefer camping excursions to the edge
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What is Overlanding?

Feb 15th 2018

This ain’t your daddy’s off-road excursion!Overlanding isn’t about finding the roughest terrain, getting stuck in a mud hole, or a weekend camping trip. Overlanders seek the thrill of the journey. It isn’t about the destination or the drive so much as the journey. And their rigs are built to handle all the stresses and survivability that entails.You might ask, “Aren’t the journey and the drive the same thing?”Not really. Most drives happen on interstate highways. Even on an excursion, for
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Glock Extended Mag Release

May 31st 2017

The Problem: The Glock platform is big and bulky. Not heavy so much, no more than any other pistol, but for those with smaller hands and shorter fingers, some of the weapon’s functioning isn’t as easy as other platforms. The most notorious problem for double-stacked magazine wells isn’t the grip itself; it’s dropping the damn mag when it’s empty. The blocky platform makes it difficult for some to reach the mag-release and operate it without shifting your grip on the Glock. Ease of acce
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No Nonsense With Taran Tactical Magazine Extensions

Apr 27th 2017

Magazine extensions and Glocks have had a somewhat rocky history. Some competition shooters refuse to put extensions on their Glock mags even to this day.Why?Because most of the crap out there installs on the magazine, and then slides off the first time the mag is dropped on concrete or gravel. When we started looking into magazine extensions, this is exactly what we sought to avoid, so we couldn’t carry just any grips.At the range, you will probably be catching the mags, and in the heat o
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Tyrant Grips – LWP Grip, Titan 2.0 Grip, MOD Foregrip

Feb 15th 2014

Tyrant Designs CNC didn’t start in any kind of firearm manufacturing. They actually began as a CNC company that designed aluminum parts for the Defense, Aerospace, and Medical industries, and spent over thirty years developing their manufacturing techniques. Their facility near Chicago is a 10,000 square foot warehouse where they operate five big CNC machines, and have all the materials available to make some pretty amazing stuff. When they started making parts for ARs, they hired a d
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